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I work on agriculture assignments throught the Midwest
Feedlot in Idaho Beet piling during harvest in the Red River valley of North Dakota and Minnesota Anticipating sugar beet harvest in northern North Dakota Soybeans on the rise Morning light in California's Central Valley Stacking hay the old-fashioned way An editorial project featuring two young farmers in North Dakota Ready to harvest grain. Fantastic light! Silage in California Checking early corn Soybeans coming up! Checking the sugar beet crop in western Minnesota Midsummer crops National campaign shot for CaseIH. Four days of rain, one day to get it all done! Pears in Oregon Cowboy father and son in western North Dakota Mature grain crop at sunset Father and son near Bismarck, North Dakota From a series of portraits for an annual report Early morning sugar beet harvest in North Dakota Moving corn for a product brochure Image shot in Minnesota made for an implement manufacturer
An editorial image shot in southern Minnesota Grain at sunset Sugar beet harvest near Fargo, North Dakota Flax - in the studio From a series of ads showing the organic food growers in the field - fun project! Grower near Bismarck, North Dakota Sugar beet harvest in the Red River Valley on the Minnesota side Checking field damage after heavy rains in northwestern Minnesota Moonrise over grape vineyards in eastern Washington Flax in the field Dairy farm in central North Dakota Environmental portrait at harvest in South Dakota Image made in Wyoming for a bank annual report Early harvest near Fargo, North Dakota Working late in Minnesota Mixed light sources add depth to this field of grain Father and son near Bismarck, North Dakota Pre-harvest in Minnesota Detail of wheat in South Dakota Dramatic afternoon skies while cutting hay Spraying in early light - a project for an implement manufacturer Checking the carrot crop near Bakersfield, California Riding horseback near Jamestown, North Dakota Cilantro fields in California Editorial feature photograph made in Minnesota Research image made for an annual report Spraying in the morning light in South Dakota Roundup in Idaho Farmer's Market in Fargo, North Dakota Pre-harvest of sugarbeets in Minnesota Beet harvest in full swing
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