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I work on a variety of industrial photography projects – primarily manufacturing and agricultural food processing
Construction site in North Dakota Steel tank production in Fargo, North Dakota Paint booth at a manufacturer in Georgia On location at a construction site for an ethanol plant Steel tank welding using mixed light sources on location in Minnesota Location shoot in southern Minnesota. Really like the process of lighting these images Ethanol plant under construction in North Dakota Welding on-site in North Dakota Fabrication on-site in Fargo, North Dakota Dramatic shadows from a series of portraits of employees at work Finished product metal fabrication Welding at an Illinois factory Due to cold weather, we were forced to move the shoot indoors, giving us the opportunity to use more dramatic lighting From a series of portraits at a food processing plant After the storm with a utility crew I like the challenge of lighting dark industrial spaces, like this one in North Dakota Early morning light at food processing factory Industrial engine plant in Illinois Steel tank assembly on location in North Dakota Gears at workin a print shop Production testing at a technology company Steel tank welding in Fargo, North Dakota Finished metal manufacturing Assembly line in Fargo, North Dakota Inking a press at a large printing operation Positioned a single flash on the floor to give the industrial welding image some added spark Some hard side light to give the raw product shape Finishing touches grinding  in a factory Chemical processing plant in Idaho - I had the model hold a small flash unit to add a point of interest
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